Message from President

There is no success in business without gaining the trust of clients, and having reliable and a qualified team. This  is particularly true in the construction business.  At  Al Mharjan, we  are  well  aware that our  success  in recent years  and the growth that we have enjoyed must  be credited to  both our clients and our team. It is because of your efforts and our partnerships with all of you that Al Mharjan has not only stayed the course in the recent difficult years in our industry but has in fact grown while others simply tried to survive. For that we thank all of you.

As president of Al Mharjan Construction Company, I’m proud of  our professional  staff  and  our ability, using the most modern computer technology, to work with you in bringing your ideas from the drawing board to reality.

Lastly, we hope you can learn more about Al Mharjan Construction on this website.

Thank you   
Hamad Mattar Al Niaady, President